About Us

Who is Pitcrew Threads?

Pitcrew Threads is an automotive-inspired clothing brand that merges style with the adrenaline-fueled spirit of motorsports. Our high-quality apparel celebrates the passion and camaraderie found within pit crews, offering a range of comfortable and stylish garments designed for gearheads and racing enthusiasts alike. From sleek t-shirts to trendy accessories, Pitcrew Threads allows you to showcase your love for cars and speed, making a bold statement wherever you go. Join our community and embrace the automotive lifestyle with Pitcrew Threads today.

Meet The


Pitcrew Threads was established by founders Zac and Nate in response to their recognition of a notable void within the automotive apparel sector. They identified a distinct absence of offerings that seamlessly merged superior material craftsmanship with innovative design elements in the marketplace.